Frequently Asked Questions

UpdatedWednesday February 3, 2021 byNLBA.

Is registration still open?  Yes, online only, but note that a $25.00 late fee is applied after January 31, 2021

How much does it cost to play for the Rebels? Ages 4-14 In House and FT Travel is $175.00, plus a $50.00 Activity Fee (out of district fee is $35 per player)

When does the 2021 Spring Season start and end?  Opening Day is Saturday, April 24, 2021 and runs through the end of June (weather permitting).

Where are games played and how many per week?  All games are played at the Tyler-Bentley Baseball Complex.  In-House teams play at least two games per week, one during the week at 5:30 PM (occasional 8PM slot on lighted fields) and one on Saturday.  Sundays are reserved as a rainout day.

Will there be an evaluation day in 2021? No evaluation day will occur for the 2021 season, due to COVID-19. The Vice Presidents of each league, will be working hard this year placing kids on teams and will do their best to make teams as equal as possible.

When will picture day be in 2021? TBD, it is looking more like the beginning of June, 2021. We are working with our Photographers and pictures will most likely be located throughout our complex.

When will I find out which team we're on?  Teams are assigned (Shetland, Maverick) or drafted (Pinto+) in February, 2020, so families will be notified by the Manager by the end of February.

Can my child play on the same team as a friend or neighbor?  Yes, at the Shetland and Maverick levels ONLY (no exceptions).

Can my child play up or down a level (In-House)?  No.  Only exception is when there is a safety reason supported by medical documentation (must be approved by the Executive Officers).

When and where will my child practice (In-House)?  Your Manager will contact you with details regarding practice dates, times and locations (local parks typically).  On average, most teams practice 1-2 days per week in April, weather permitting.  Some Managers schedule time at indoor batting cages.  We recommend 60-90 minute practices for the lower levels and 2 hours max. for the upper levels (Manager discretion).

What equipment does my child need for the season?  It is recommended that you provide a baseball bag, batting helmet (face guard optional), glove, bat, batting gloves and molded (rubber) cleats.  Metal cleats are permitted at the Pony+ levels.  Bat guidelines are set for each level.  The NLBA (In-House) does not subscribe to the USA Baseball or other national standards/requirements for bats.  We take safety seriously and therefore mandate barrel size, however parents shouldn't have to purchase new bats each year with the ever-changing rules and guidelines.  See "Division Rules & Age Chart" link for bat and cleat rules by Division.  Full-Time & Part-Time Travel teams are subject to the league and tournament bat rules and on their own to comply accordingly.

If my kid plays baseball, how will you keep them safe during this Pandemic? We will continue to follow all CDC guidelines and will continue to review and adjust to safety protocols for the entire Rebels organization. Safety is our number 1 priority, and whatever it will take to allow our kids to play the greatest game on earth, we will do it. We have a Board member who communicates often with the NL Park District and will continue to update the Board with new information regarding safety protocols.