Volunteers Needed: Spring Field Prep Days

UpdatedTuesday March 23, 2021 byNLBA.

Dear Rebels families,
Several months ago, we prepared a message to all of you that stated in 2021, the Rebels
Community will be back and we will be stronger than ever before, and that is true, we are back
and our teams have been formed and will be ready to compete against each other come April 24. We are asking for your help and have listed field days below. There are so many things we
want to do to prepare our kids and our complex before a very busy season, so we have set
multiple field days to allow you to get back your $50 activity fee.

Saturday 4/10/2021 - Starting time @ 9am
Sunday 4/11/2021 - Starting time @ 10am
Saturday 4/17/2021 - Starting time @ 9am
Sunday 4/18/2021 - Starting time @ 10am


*** $50 Refund from Registration Fees for 2 Hours of Fun at the Fields***
*** The Rebels will gladly Sign-Off on Community Service Hours for Any Students
willing to come out and Help. There is plenty to do for ALL Ages. We will be Sweeping out Dugouts, Laying Mulch, Hanging Windscreens, Pulling Weeds, Power Washing, Hanging Signs, and Much More!!!  Please see Mike Granata, Dan Ryan, or Ryan Veach by the Equipment Shed or Concession Stand for Check-in. I would like to thank all the Board members/Coaches for their countless hours thus far preparing for a season these kids deserve and need. Sponsors - Thank you again, we cannot be successful without you. Returning families/kids who support NLBA each and every year, thank you and we look forward to watching these kids in 2021.  All new families/kids, welcome to the Rebels family.