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UpdatedFriday April 9, 2021 byNLBA.

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Post Practice/Game Field Maintenance

  1.  The Last team to practice for the day on the field is required to Drag/Rake the field and put away the bases in the Field Box.
  2. Gameday the Away Team on the schedule is required to Drag/Rake the field and put away the bases in the Field Box.  Home Team is responsible for pre-game striping of infield & bases.
  3. Start Dragging Roughly 12 inches from the Outfield Grass and Work your way circular inwards to the Pitchers Mound. Your Speed in the Drag should be no more than a quick walking pace. (This  will allow you to pull all the excess dirt towards the middle of the Field near the Pitchers mound, as opposed to the excess dirt ending up in the Outfield Grass)
  4. Once we Finish Dragging at the Pitchers Mound (Do NOT drag over the Mound). Use a Rake and pull that excess Dirt to Fill in the Holes on the Mound, Batters Boxes, and Sliding Holes. Pat the Dirt down using the Rake. Add water to these areas once filled with extra Water Bottles. (The Smoother the Playing Surface the Less chance of Bad Hops and Less chance of Puddling up after Rain)
  5. Alternate Dragging the Field Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise from Day to Day. (If your team Practices/Plays on Monday drag Clockwise, then if your team Practices/Plays on say Tuesday then drag Counter-Clockwise, and so on and Etc....This will allow the Dirt to Spread evenly throughout the Infield)
  6. Please Review the (2) documents below for how to operate the Rebels John Deere and Smithco Tractors.   If you are unsure, please don't hesitate to ask someone at the fields for help.

Rebels Green Deere Tractor.docx
Rebels Orange Smithco.docx